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Wednesday 26 December 2018

Boxing day

In the UK the day after Christmas is known as "Boxing Day". It grew from a tradition of employers giving staff gifts of food etc.  Now it is a public holiday, welcomed by many as respite after much gorging of food on Christmas day!  It is also St Stephen's Day, which no doubt has some special meaning in the Church calendar, as well as in a Christmas Carol (Good King Wensleslass last looked out etc....)

Anyway I had a lazy day today with a bit of a lie in as I had a late night (for me last night) as I was invited round to neighbours for the evening.  A good time was had by me at least!  We played some games in two teams and it was fun - well I would say that as the team I was on won all 3 games. Hee hee.

This morning I've done a few domestics and went for a brief walk to the coral beach with Button.  It's been a grey day with low cloud and some drizzle.  But still very mild and no wind so it was lovely to get some fresh air.  So here are a few pictures.... mostly of Button.....

The coral beach and a treasured "groatie buckie" - a tindy cowrie shell (bottom right, pink ribbed with a darker spot)

Still life, with Button....

Lichen on a garden bench (several varieties...)

I dare not mention d.i.e.t.....

Oooh this shrub looks interesting......

OK I'm going in..... (meanwhile I'm worried the branches won't hold her weight!)

OOOOOHHHHH!!!!! (how can the spikes not hurt her?)

Then back home for tea and the last of the Welsh cakes (me) and a nap (her).  And a moody sunset to mark the (early) end of a good day....


  1. Lovely photos. I had not realised that lichen comes in various shades.

    1. There are hundreds of varieties of lichens apparently! I love the fluffy ones....

  2. Sounds like a perfect day
    although I think a good book with the Welsh cake would have really topped off the day for me.

    1. Oh yes there is always a good book (or two) on the go!