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Thursday, 6 December 2018

December - a dreich day

Well here we are in December already.  Arrrgghhh! Where does time go.  Anyway, today is what is known as a "dreich" day meaning dull and depressing.  Well it's December and the sun can't shine all the time.  I had to put on waterproofs to go and feed Charlie the barn cat, and the hens.  It was a bit breezy too but not really windy.  The sheep that are grazing in my field always choose the sheltered spots, a dip in the ground, or in the shelter of a dyke (wall). Stromness across the water with the Hamnavoe ferry looking like the only bright spot at a distance!

Lots of geese in the fields around Graemsay at the moment.....

Rain is expected for a few days yet but it could be a lot worse so I'm not complaining!


  1. There was an interesting programme on last night about animal behaviour and it demonstrated how sheep have the ability to recognise faces, both human and sheep.
    Do farmers mind the geese as they can eat a lot of grass very quickly. for a small island I was surprised to see that many cars around the lighthouse.
    Lots of rain here too in fact its rained heavily nearly every day this last week.

    1. I saw the programme was on but missed it. A neighbour says her sheep run towards her if she is wearing a certain jacket that she uses when she's lambing or feeding them etc but ignore her if she wears something different!

      The lighthouse houses are home to two families, plus the post office is in the garden.

      The farmers do NOT like the geese. There are certain times of the year when they can be culled, and farmers can use the meat. But there are still way too many on the island. There is a theory that here is a sanctuary for them as on Orkney Mainland they are hunted more by wild fowlers etc. Yes I think Winter weather is working its way round the uK!

  2. Not too good here either, strong winds and lashings of rain.

    1. Oh dear. Hope you are able to keep warm and dry!