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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Around Graemsay

A friend came to visit one day this week.  She'd got drenched waiting for the boat so I had to lend her some clothes till they dried out.  But then the sky cleared and we had a hot humid day.  So we went adventuring, slowly, around Graemsay.  Above on the coral beach.  Looks positively tropical and with the humidity it felt it!

Patterns appearing in the fields as farmers cut grass for winter feed (silage and hay).

Fancy a paddle?

The old Lighthouse pier...

I love mooching about in the shallow

Old buildings gradually falling onto the shore in the winter storms..

The "sand" is mostly coral sand and so white that it hurts your eyes in bright sunlight!

Waves very gently caressing the shore.

Sandside beach

Up the road looking back at Sandside, Hoy High, and the bay.

Even further up the road!!

Clouds hiding Hoy hills....

Down at the old kirk....

I love the hairy lichen along the old kirk wall

And it grows on the headstones too.  This is Henry Sutherland's and some member of his family.  He lived at Sandside.  I have a chat to them now and again.... I think they are happy with what I have done to the house...

The view from the Kirkyard over to Hoy.  It's a very peaceful spot...

And then in the evening there was a very dramatic sky and later heavy rain and thunder.....

Stromness disappeard under the gloom!

This mini-panoramic conflates the landscape but gives an atmospheric picture of the sky


  1. Stunning! There have been many times this year that I wished I was there - my husband absolutely loved it last year, so I am determined to return in 2020 with some younger family members

    1. Yay! Do get in touch if you come back....