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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Misty days....

This last week we have had the haar/sea mist/fog for several days.  It was getting very boring.  Thankfully it lifted eventually!  Above is Hoy High with Stromness in the background - both in sunshine! Yay!

But back to the mist..... the old byres at Sandside....

Stromness has disappeared - or maybe Graemsay has? Brigadoon anyone?

Hoy High disappearing in the mist....  No foghorn.  Most vessels have some sort of GPS nowadays...

Oooh clearing slightly?  Nope mist came back an hour later....

This old byre needs a haircut!

Even Charlie the barn cat was fed up, he likes snoozing in the sun!


  1. Lighthouses are so useful and romantic too, to me. If satelites and GPS ever stop functioning, and it could happen, many boaters could not find their way without lighthouses. Especially in your beautiful haar.

    1. Yes lighthouses are still used as landmarks and many are needed by smaller boats too that maybe don't use gps or as you say when it fails.

  2. That mist really closes you in. A few days of that and most people would be very bored. I would imagine that even years ago any farm work that needed doing was indoor work.

    1. I got really bored! You just couldn't see far and everything was so wet. Fortunately the last few days of this week it dried up and the sun came out. Last night most of the island tractors wee out with machinery baling silage and hay. Unsettled forecast for the week ahead so everyone was making the most of the good weather!