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Tuesday 6 August 2019

Here come the girls!

It was shearing time for the ewes a couple of weeks back so they were brought from up the way and taken past Sandside up to Windbreck......  I had to keep out of sight so I didn't scare them....

Here they come, spilling across the grass (they don't do any damage!)

They have someone running up front with a feed bucket calling them....

And making sure they keep the momentum and there are no stragglers.....!

School holidays are busy if you live on a farm!


  1. What a beautiful set of images, thank you.

  2. The perception of sheep is that they are brainless but its not true. They can recognise and remember up to 40 faces, apparently.

    1. So I have heard! Though I think at lambing time some farmers are convinced that a lamb's main aim is to kill itself the scrapes they get into!