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Wednesday 21 August 2019

August skies and other randomness

Above the light and colour of late summer over the now cut silage fields....

Grey and misty over West Mainland of Orkney.... (and the grass needs cutting).

Same view on a sunny day.... with the Hamnavoe sailing into Stromness

Blue Skies looking across Sandside Bay towards Garson.

Across the old Lighthouse pier towards Stromness....

The sandy beach at ..... Sandside! Hoy hills in the background.


A full moon and ..... an alien ship?  Nah!  Just neighbours baling silage.....

And Charlie, my shy feral barn cat.... he's the same age as Button (about 14) but is rarely seen by anyone other than me. This particular day he sat on my foot!

"oooh go on, tickle my tummy, you know you want to!" Hahaha oh yeah right - not!

As soon as I weed a patch of earth the hens appear for a dust bath!

A moth - known as "Red Carpet" - nope no idea why...

And my garden sculpture is being swallowed up by daisies!


  1. Call me sentimental: My heart rose like a falcon up into the sky ... like it often does when my eyes are seeing your pics and reading your words.

  2. Maybe your neighbors will lend you a set of sheep and let them cut the grass. . . much less work.

  3. is out there, whoooaagh!!!!!!!