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Monday, 5 August 2019

Graemsay Quarry

Photos from a couple of weeks ago at the Graemsay quarry.... here be dragons... well damselflies....  In the past stone from the quarry was used for houses, roads, walls etc.  Some of the mound of stone that was left is still used, but the quarry pool itself is left to the wildlife (and the odd swimming dog!)

Looking towards Hoy High across the heathland.  You can just make out the chimneys of Sandside.  Orphir coast line across the water...

The old Manse and Stromness in the background.


Forget me nots?

Wild Thyme


  1. I imagine that the water in the quarry is really cold, not a place for a dip I bet. A pleasant nature reserve though.

    1. Mmm I've not even tried to paddle but yes it will be cold! I don't think anyone goes in it to swim etc- they usually use the beach at Sandside....

  2. I envy you your vistas and your wild Thyme!

    1. I just love the smell of wild Thyme and the colour is so vibrant.