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Sunday 18 August 2019

Summer moves on.....

The last couple of weeks have seen very changeable weather with a lot of rain too.  But nothing as bad as further south in parts of Scotland and England so we have been fortunate in that way. But the sun has shone too and there have been some lovely sunsets....

And a couple of pictures when I was too lazy to get up off the sofa. And yes I know the windows need cleaning!

Misty days too.  You can *just* see the Hoy Hills (well one of them) above the mist.

Button enjoys sitting outside among the daisies in the evening.

These daisies are lovely and spread everywhere, flowering in late summer.

And a grass border on the old byre!

These swallows and some other nests fledged a couple of weeks ago and are now zooming around the garden and fields around Sandside.  Lots of them!  Though sadly fewer than last year...

And empty nest now in one of the other byres. And yes there is woodworm in  loft!

Meanwhile in the garden - these two sisters are mostly together all the time.  Gimpy hen ( as she has a limp) and Wheezy hen (because - yup she wheezes).  Both are about 9 years old.  Wheezy hen seems to be going into a bit of a decline and now sleeps on a lower perch.  Her sister always joins her, while the other hens are on the higher perches.  Bless them.

You can never have a sneaky cup of tea or snack alone in the garden.... Sadly the golden hen on the far right died this week.  One day she was fine, next she was poorly and the next gone.  She was quite an old hen too though I forget her age.  Bless her.... she's buried in the garden under a geranium...

RIP little hen....

I've remembered what these pom pom thistles are called - Echinops! Also known as globe thistle.

The North facing border, this is always quite damp so lots of ladies mantle for ground cover, aconites do well here (monkshood), and crocosmia.  An elderly Elder, as well as a few young trees - Alder, Rowan and a sycamore in there somewhere. And a wonderful tall grass at the end.

These girls missed out on my lunch in the garden so are knocking on the door for their share!

Another day another sunset....

And while trying to stake up this allium I managed to dislodge it from the ground so have given it a chance to bloom in the kitchen.  This is one of my favourites.  I love all the little stars!


  1. More beautiful images, thank you. I grew that type of allium some years go and I still have the seed head of one, it is so lovely to look at.

    1. I just love the seed heads. Sometimes they get blown down quite quickly in my garden in the summer so I bring them indoors to enjoy!

  2. You have an interesting garden Sian and I bet the hens keep you amused. Its always interesting how animals become attached to each other. I remember when the kids had a rabbit and guinea pig and when the guinea pig became old and ill the rabbit would bring it food and try and get it to eat.

    1. Yes it is interesting the different bonds animals make. My garden is pretty feral these days. I overestimated my energy levels in managing it, and also the cost of planting. But it brings me lots of joy and is full of all sorts of insects with the birds visiting because of them so it has a purpose!