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Monday 22 June 2020

A sunset walk to the beach

One day last week the mist cleared in the evening and Button and I took a walk to the shore.....  it was calm, warm and magnificent!

The old buildings disappearing underneath the grass and cow parsley.  Very little seaweed on the shore now.

Button decided to wander out on the rocks.  She went almost to meet the tide.

Sun setting behind Black Craig on the West Mainland of Orkney

Even I might be tempted to swim in this natural pool near the old lighthouse pier.... still too chilly for me though.  Water needs to be the temperature of a warm bath before I will dip more than a toe in!

I love the sea thrift...  I know it's summer when they are in bloom.

Button wanted to stay out longer (she could have if she'd really wanted to - like I could have made her do otherwise!)

She eventually conceded it was probably supper time...

Hoy High light peering above a very low cliff on the shore...

Across Sandside Bay

And home before the sun finally disappeared for the night...

And earlier in the day... up the road... looking back at Sandside and Hoy High lighthouse

While in the garden Red Admiral butterflies were flitting about.  There seem to have been an influx of them on the East winds we have had this week.

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