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Tuesday, 16 June 2020


June is my favourite month.  In Orkney it barely gets dark at night (blackout blinds help sleep!).  And the sunsets are amazing.  So here are some photos from the other night..... (Sunrise today was 4am and sunset will be 22.28, but as I say it barely gets dark).

It had been a lovely day and I'd taken a drive round the island (didn't take long ha!)

And then it went all pink and purple, just beautiful!

And then the next day.... mist..... for two days.... someone stole my landscape.....

Though it did look very picturesque when it cleared a bit...before returning again.....

But the garden has enjoyed the added moisture form the mist, we've not had that much rain (shhhh) and at least it saved me watering!!


  1. All very lovely! When we were in Orkney and Shetland in 2015, I noticed that your campion is much bigger and brighter than ours. I wonder if it's a slighly different variety?

    1. Oh interesting. To be honest I knew nothing about wild flowers before I came to Orkney and started taking an interest. I do know there are regional varieties and sub species so possibly!

  2. Beautiful sunsets a real delight to see. One of my favourite months too.

    1. Yes I so love sunsets AND long days of summer....