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Monday 21 December 2020

Trying to find the calm in the maelstrom that is life......


Sadly due to a "new variant" of the covid virus ripping through the UK, Christmas is cancelled this year.  Well it was mostly cancelled anyway but there was a chance that some folk could get together, however the politicians in the UK announced this weekend that even that has had to stop.  Positive test rates are increasing, as are hospitalisations and the fear is that the NHS will be overwhelmed - in some cities I fear it is nearly at that point.  

Many countries are banning visitors from the UK with flights cancelled etc and even the main port at Dover, which is the crucial route for many imports and exports, is shut for 24 hours as the ports in France are not allowing any arrivals from the UK.  I have a cabbage - I think I could auction it for £50 as folk will be going bonkers stocking up - unnecessarily!!  The world won't end if there are no sprouts....indeed it may be a better world!

Meanwhile in Scotland families can meet for one day (25th), and then from Boxing Day (26th December) much of Scotland goes into Level 4, while in Orkney along with some other island groups, we will be in Level 3 - for us this means some more shops will be open etc but limitations on mixing.

Living on an island you need to be self reliant and resilient anyway so I have plenty of food in the freezer and store cupboard and things WILL calm down once politicians sort themselves out in Europe and the UK (did I mention I was an optimist??!)  I generally stay put over the Christmas holidays anyway, preferring to travel in better weather.  But I know many people who have had plans cancelled and some who are having to spend time on their own which will be hard for them. But for me the priority is to stay safe!

Anyway now for some calming photos along the shore on Graemsay....... 

Shags having a rest along the rocks....

A small brown bird on the lighthouse pier.

Madam Button enjoying the view.....

Erm.... I'm trying to take a photo of the view Button dear....

Nope you are still in the way! Oh dear she doesn't look best pleased! Are you ready for your close up with Mr DeMille?

Looking across Sandside Bay

Liminal space - it's hard to see where the sea ends and the land begins here

Looking over the water to Stromness

Shells and maerl on the shore

Hoy hills looking brooding (does anyone else see a sleeping dragon?)

The old lighthouse pier

Creels on the old pier

The old buildings at Sandside

And at dusk..... lights..... and spooky sheep.....

Today is the Winter Solstice and I have been for my customary walk but it is raining, grey and chilly so no photos I'm afraid!  But - the light WILL return!  Here are a couple of sunrise photos from the other day too. Today sunrise was at 0906 and sunset at 1517.....

And to finish - a short calming video of gently lapping waves....


  1. Happy Solstice! And thank you for your wonderful photos. I look at them and can feel myself relax.

    1. Yes I seek solace out along the shore too!

  2. Interesting title for today's blog. Sounds like a prog rock album. Impressive.

    1. Haha I'm more of a cool jazz kind of a girl myself.

  3. Some of the dragon(flie)s of Hoy are sleeping. Well, at least their eggs or larvae are in diapause.

  4. How lovely to be where you are! In Edinburgh, we're about to enter Tier 4. Sigh. Happy Christmas.

    1. Oh I do feel for you. I have friends South in Tier 4 who are struggling. It's so hard for folk. Necessary but hard.

  5. Lovely views and what a lovely Button. Thanks.

  6. A wet Winter Solstice here as well, no celebratory bike ride just a wet walk instead. All the best.

    1. I didn't get a walk to the shore either. Today was better though!

  7. A lovely set of photos and not a lorry in sight, unlike down here in sunny Folkestone. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and don't get snowed in.