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Sunday 17 January 2021

A quick drive - Part 2....


On my drive the other day I also took my old Panasonic Lumix compact camera with me.  Most photos these days are taken with my phone camera, but with more time now I'm hoping to expand using my Lumix with some additional settings.  It gives much sharper photos though being old doesn't have quite the range of newer versions (hmmm bit like humans really....).  Anyway here is a bit of a reprise of the earlier blog images but slightly different......

Above is the old Kirk, and across Burra Sound to the island of Hoy and snow capped Ward Hill. 

The sun dipping down between the hills on the road to Rackwick Bay on the other side of the island.  A magic place I'm hoping I can visit there again this year!

Top of the Kirk Road.... the hills brooding under the setting sun....

The croft of Dean

The old school and behind the Cott of School.  The school closed in 1996 when we got the MV Graemsay ferry and a service running 5 days a week so the sole pupil could go over to school in Stromness each day.

Looking over the croft of Flaghill to Stromness Harbour

On past the old School and looking South to Hoy (behind which are the mountains of Scotland), and West, next stop Canada...

Kye (cattle) eating silage.  Overlooking the Pentland Firth.....

Looking at Flaghill croft from the North Side....

Looking across Sandside Bay to Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside, across Hoy Sound to the Orkney Mainland (Orphir parish)

A handsome chap (Belted Galloway bull)....

Back home at Sandside now, looking over to Stromness...

Looking over some of the ruins at Sandside to Stromness Golf Club and beyond the hill is Black Craig - where the sun sets in mid-summer.

A closer look at the Golf Club and Black Craig (with a cairn on top)

A closer look at those old buidlings... the end one used to be a forge.  It's thought they were used to house workers (and workshop) when the lighthouse was being built.  But are likely to have been in sue before then.  The forge is now slipping onto the shore, though 40 years ago apparently you could drive a tractor round the side..... coastal erosion :-(

Lapwings (teuks)..........

Sheep and lapwings in my field behind Sandside (a neighbour uses the field for grazing).

And the light part of Hoy High lighthouse!

Hope you enjoyed your second trip round the island!


  1. Great photos! Panasonic Lumix is also one of my favs, together with small Sony / Carl Zeiss. You caught amazing effects of light, Graemsay always surprises me.

    1. I've had several of the Lumix family. Hoping to upgrade again soon but familiarising myself with going "off auto" before I indulge...

  2. Wonderful tour and photos ! Thanks !

    1. Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to comment.