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Wednesday 27 January 2021

Sailing home from Stromness.....


Hmmm bit of a delay posting the return journey from a week or so ago.  Motivation deserted me, something familiar to many folk in these strange times I'm sure.  Anyway got round to it eventually!  In Covid news - a few more cases recently in Orkney. Largely those coming back to the islands (workers) and their contacts.  So as yet no real community spread.  Vaccinations are continuing with most over 80s vaccinated and the over 70's will start shortly.  Vaccinations centres will be in Kirkwall, Stromness and a couple of other parishes.  Those on the isles have resident gps/nurses who will vaccinate residents.  We don't have any health professionals on the island but something will be sorted so that we can hopefully have our vaccines here rather than travelling for them!  Hope everyone is well and safe.

Right - photos.... above leaving the Hoy pier.....

Sailing to Burra Sound via Hoy Low lighthouse, the other lighthouse on Graemsay.

 You can see the silhouette of the WWII camp along the shore.  This made up part of the defence to Scapa Flow, with a camp on Hoy, one here and another much larger one over on the outskirts of Stromness.

Looking back to Stromness on the right and the tip of Hoy on the left...

The old kirk on Graemsay and the kirkyard which is till in use....

The sleeping brontosaurus of Hoy, with the green fields around its feet.

Saily past the North side Graemsay - house is Clett with some old ruins of croft houses

Scarratain - with original turf roof....

And heading home to the Graemsay pier.....

Hope you enjoyed your virtual sail back to Graemsay!


  1. I certainly did and glad all is well with you.

  2. Hope you get the vaccine soon and get it on the island.
    What a wonderful place for a kirkyard. I could rest easily there!!

    1. It is a beautiful spot for the kirkyard - though a little boggy I think!

  3. You'll be a long time waiting for your jab Sian, you're nowhere near Seventy!

    1. Well I haven't far to go but not there yet - however I come into the "clinically vulnerable group" - those who have been sheilding, and we are getting vaccinated with the over 70s. So it seems :-)