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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Still calm.....


Well the weather is still calm. Think there is concern today after various announcements on the tightening of lockdown restrictions.  Orkney stays in Level 3 (Scottish Govt levels) so shops and cafes can still open but no meeting in homes with anyone outside your household.  And this time schools will remain closed in Orkney, except for vulnerable children or those of key workers.  Though even that can prove challenging as the main centre for these children was Kirkwall last time and I know someone who will had a 60 mile per day journey from home, school, work, school, home.  But for me little changes at the moment.

Anyway as yesterday was yet another glorious day I had a wander to the shore again.... the day was a bit grey but not that cold and wonderfully, no wind.....  If you look closely there is a cleverly camouflaged seal pup among the rocks and seaweed in the mid left of the photo below.  Button and I retreated to give it some peace.

An old byre window.....

Button by the old byre and stable.  Love the cobble path...

I'm sure Button was a dog in a former life - she enjoys rolling in manure!

This caused consternation among some who are superstitious - the luck was draining out! Oh calamity!  

And the poor dear incarcerated hens tucking into a breakfast of porridge and rice......


  1. Is the Old Byre yours? Any possibilities of renovating it? I would rent a week in it for sure!

    1. No the old steading (byres etc) still belong to the farmer who used to own my house. Building regs probably wouldn't allow such a conversion now - the buildings were pretty roughly thrown together without much in the way of foundations, and are also too near the shore - though I don't think flooding or coastal erosion would be much of a problem.