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Friday, 3 August 2012

Foggy days....

The last few days the world has disappeared behind a bank of fog. This afternoon it cleared for a while and we had lovely warm sunshine. I was even working in the garden in a tee-shirt.  But.....the fog soon rolled right back in again!  Above you can see it creeping towards us..... However at least it cleared long enough for the folk from the Stromness Kirk, who had come over for a picnic with the Graemsay folk, to go onto the beach and even have a SWIM!!  Brrrrr! Hardy souls......

Here the Hoy High Lightouse next door is disappearing too!  In case you fear for ships - no there isn't a fog horn (I made sure of that before I moved in next door!), but most ships will have GPS and the light isn't to warn sailors away from the shore or rocks, but, in line with Hoy Low lighthouse, is set to show safe passage through the Sound into Stromness.  As I say most vessels of any size will have GPS so there is little danger to shipping.....


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader from north Texas in the US. I've been enjoying your blog very much, especially the gorgeous pictures. I would love to live in Scotland, but I don't know if I could stick the climate. The climate is a bit warmer here. In fact, it has been over 100F/38C for the past couple of days. (Not really surprising -- The town where I live in TX is at the same latitude as Casablanca, Morocco!) I could definitely go the lovely stone houses and lush vegetation you've pictured, though.

  2. Love being able to see the fog approaching. It comes like that here in Nova Scotia too. The last couple of days we've had what the weather man refers to as "Scotch Mist". Heavier than fog but lighter than rain. I prefer the mist and fog to that Texas heat.

  3. At least foggy days mean still days, Sian, rather than endless wind. Shame you can't have one without the other.

  4. We don't get much fog here on the South Mountain, but a little excursion over the North Mountain to the Bay of Fundy and voila, fog and much cooler temperatures. It has been very hot here, though not like Texas, but we have been blessed with a bit of rain as well. Enjoyed the fog photos Sian.

  5. There is something about watching a bank of fog rolling in putting a blanket on the landscape making everying quiet. Love it!