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Thursday 30 August 2012

And yet more archeology!!

Here's a link to the artist, Nicki MacRae, who was the artist at the Ness of Brodgar dig this year. I think I had a photo of her among those of my visit to the site. I wondered what she was doing !

Do take a look - Nicki Paints: Artist Residency


  1. Oh my goodness! If had been drinking tea I would have spat it out... I love and regularly follow your blog, and just had a bit of a fright to see myself referenced! 8-0 :-D Thanks so much for sharing (I'll be doing more posts on the residency, just too much to talk about - and of course the work I do now I'm back in the studio...) Would love to see your pic if you happen to come across it again - I'm actually a bit short of photo's of me on site. Nicki.

  2. LOL! Spooky or what :-) Delighted and honoured your read my blog! Come and visit for real sometime (or maybe you have??). I see you found your picture in a previous post. I was fascinated watching you. Roy(?) the archaeologist was speaking to us on the platform just above where you were working and I was curious to know what you were doing. Now I know! I found your blog via a link from Orkney Live on Facebook. Small world. I've added your blog to my blog-roll list so I can see when you post updates. Quite a few of my readers are keen on Orkney archaeology so I'm sure they'll want to look too. look forward to seeing more from your residency.