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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Last of the holiday snaps....

Here are the last of my holiday snaps. These are of Bettyhill on the very North coast of Scotland. We stopped here on the way back to Thurso to catch the ferry as the wild-flowers are particularly wonderful here.  I also love the wide sweep of sand that shows when the tide is out.

And here are a selection of wild-flowers (I've forgotten the names of most of them...sigh).

Buttercups and clover here.  Plus ladies bed-straw

More ladies bed straw (yellow spire flowers), tiny eyebright (little white flowers).

Hmm forgotten the name of the little purple flower - it's really pretty though.

And forgotten tis one too..... more eyebright though....

Pretty yellow flowers!

Frog orchid

Common marsh orchid

And meadowsweet


  1. Wonderful wildflowers! What a treat.

  2. You've identified one of my mystery plants! Meadowsweet. Growing in profusion alongside the canal at Ulverston, in Cumbria... and I have pix of pretty yellow flowers that I think are the same as your's. Now we're home I've been hunting for my wildflower book, without success.

    Love your pictures by the way, they are much clearer than mine, which I'll post in due course.

  3. Gorgeous, Sian. I only ever see the spring and autumn flowers when i'm in the far north. :-)