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Thursday 30 August 2012

More archaeology.....

Photo copyright Historic Scotland

There's been great excitement in the archaeology world in Orkney as another hand carved figure has been discovered during excavations on a site on the island of Westray. This adds to the collection - there were two other similar finds in recent years.  In 2009 what is known locally as the "Westray Wifey" was discovered - believed to be the earliest artistic representation of a human form ever found in the UK.  All of the finds will be on display at the Westray Heritage Centre.  The dig is ongoing so who knows what else they might find!

Here's the three "finds" - photo copyright Radio Orkney

The island of Westray has a new website "Westray's Living Heritage" which is worth a look. It's just been set up but already contains some interesting photos

Meanwhile, if you can't get to Orkney, take a "virtual tour" of Maeshowe on the Historic Scotland website : click here to see it. Maeshowe is a chambered tomb thought to date from 2700 BC. More info on it can be found here

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