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Friday 17 August 2012

Fog and farming....

The last week has been weird, weather-wise. Warm, but lots of fog, a sunny day, then showers, then sun, then fog. It's been a nightmare for farmers in Orkney and on Graemsay, trying to get silage and hay cut for winter feed.  There are just not enough consecutive nice days to crack on with cutting the grass and letting it dry before turning into bales for silage OR hay.

Yesterday was beautiful - hot sun, clear blue skies, a stunning evening (if you forget the midges, which you can't, but still)...... and then today....rain and fog again!

Meanwhile the landscape is beginning to take on it's patchwork appearance as the silage and hay is slowly gathered in.

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  1. fog, sun, cool, warm, rain -- sounds like Nova Scotia.