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Sunday 26 August 2012

Sunny Sunday!

It's been a glorious day today, but no I haven't been hiking the hills of Hoy. These photos were taken by a friend, Jenny, who was over on the neighbouring island of Hoy today. As you can see it was a fabulous day to be out walking. Above is the "Old Man of Hoy" a sandstone sea stack, a favourite with climbers.

Meanwhile I was spending a more leisurely day pottering. Mowing the grass, some light weeding, a few domestic chores and lots of sitting outside drinking tea!  Pure bliss.......

Hopefully picking up my new camera tomorrow so will post some pictures taken with it during the week.....

Meanwhile - more of Jenny's pictures......

You need a head for heights with this one!

A friendly gull (herring gull I think)

Speaking of gulls and seabirds in general, there was an excellent programme "Springwatch" on TV this week. UK readers may have seen it (sadly unavailable outside the UK). Most of it was filmed in Orkney around a number of the RSPB bird reserves.  Sadly the Orkney population of Kittiwakes is on the decline, possibly due to a reduction in their main food of sand eels. Scientists are still unsure what is causing this but potentially climate change.  However the number of gannet pairs in Orkney is increasing which is great news. Gannets often dive just off Graemsay. It's a wonderful sight!

Time for another cup of tea while gazing at the moon I think....... (accompanied by the sound of tractors as hay and silage is brought into shelter - weather forecast not good for the week - ho hum).


  1. So that's where our sunshine has gone, Sian - migrated north to Orkney! :-) Lovely pictures and I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day.

  2. That Springwatch Special programme was brilliant - we loved the Orkney birds, and the Skomer puffins. I thought of you when it was on! Sad about the decline in Kittiwakes, though - I saw them about 30 years ago on Lunga (one of the Treshnish Isles) and thought they were rather 'cute'. Enjoy your new camera - I, with my husband's daughters, bought him a new digital SLR (Canon) for his 80th birthday in June, and he's thrilled with it. I still use a little Nikon digital, which does give good results. When I get round to starting my blog, I'll try to find out how to post photos, as I love looking at those from everyone else! We've had a glorious day today here in mid-Wales, but yesterday was awful and tomorrow is forecast to be even worse - yuk.

  3. I'm sipping my tea in Nova Scotia as I read this.

    My folks had a saying on their fridge: "As long as there is tea -- there is hope".