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Sunday 29 July 2012

Ullapool Part 4

Here are some more photos from the another trip on the "Summer Queen" - this time around Isle Martin near Ardmair.  Above - this wee dog was the Captain's dog I think and would run round checking on the passengers and stand at the front of the boat (forget the technical term!) and look out then return to the cabin - not sure if he was telling the Captain what he saw or just checking the Captain was going on the right direction!

Isle Martin - no one lives here now, but you can rent the cottage out. Though it has no electricity or running water!

Another hamlet on the shore of Loch Broom

Lots of seals basking in the sun. These are Common Seals (not so common now)

We also visited Lechmelm Gardens, just outside Ullapool. A lovely Victorian garden and arboretum from the 1870s. It was lovely to see Big Trees - Orkney does HAVE trees, but not so many as other areas, and very few woodlands or gardens on this scale. It also has to be said that these trees are Big, whereas in Orkney even the same species will be much shorter, due to the climate.  So it was great to hug a Big Tree..... These photos don't do the garden justice - there is so much packed into a relatively small space. It's wonderful!

A Californian Redwood (sequoias)

A tree with many trunks. A Cyprus I think.

This poor old tree had fallen over in a storm just before my last visit 2 years ago. The wood has been reused but the old trunk and root has been left to be colonised by lichens, plants, and various woodland insects.  It's wonderful!

We counted the rings on this tree stump - it was over 100 years old!

Oh I SO want something like this in MY garden!!

Rhododendrons, which can be a pest in open woodland, but are so pretty.

This weeping conifer was gorgeous.

One evening we went up the Braes (a big hill) to look back on the town as the sun was setting.

Loch Broom towards the mountains

And Ullapool in the sunset.


  1. What a fab trip, photos great
    as usual.

  2. Wow. I'd rent that cottage in a heartbeat ...

    This scenery speaks to me. I just love it !

  3. Stunning scenery! I really want to visit one day! :)
    ps LOVE that wee dog! :)