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Saturday 28 July 2012

OK so I said....

.....  this would be an Olympic free zone....but.... oh the opening ceremony was wonderfully bonkers and British! Not sure how well it will translate to countries that are unfamiliar with British culture, but I loved it: the quirkiness, the humour and wit, I was singing along to all the pop songs - THAT was MY history. Tee Hee!  And the final part was wonderful.  I had gone to bed earlier (can't stand the pace!) and was hoping that the copper things the children were carrying alongside the athletes were copper kettles and there would be a nice cup of tea for everyone at the end. Now that WOULD be British .  But apparently not. Great ending all the same.

If you haven't seen the opening ceremony and don't want it to be spoiled don't look at these clips. But they are two of my favourite clips!

Good evening Mr Bond

Mr Bean's Olympic Orchestral appearance

Loved the NHS/Great Ormand Street Sequence. We love our NHS :-)

A very British Ceremony!

Now it's back to the sport and I shall probably tune out for most of it, so good luck everyone. See you at the closing ceremony maybe!  Meanwhile back on Graemsay the sun is shining! Oh yes and I have work to do....


  1. I agree, it was an excellent opening ceremony.
    though, I thought the hospital bit was a tad too long as was the Sir Paul bit. I watched it twice to see the favourite bits again.

    1. Yes I suppose it did go on a bit. And I think they should have had Harry Potter in there too! I know they had Voldemort but really, Harry should have been there! I missed the Sir Paul bit, though did see a clip. Yes I've been going back looking at some of my favourite bits too.

  2. We don't have TV here in France, so I couldn't watch it and sadly I can't even watch your clips as i get this message every time:

    "Cannot play media. Sorry, this media is not available in your territory."

    I'm guessing each country's broadcasting system has exclusive rights for a world event like the Olympics.

    1. Ah yes, Dear Old Auntie Beeb - if you haven't paid your license fee you ain't going to watch anything ;-) So yes I'm sure it's blocked for "overseas". Do try and catch up on some of the bits when you get home. The Queen/Bond bit is well worth watching!

    2. Actually, I don't think that's the reason this time, Sian, as I can watch any other BBC news clips I'm given without any problems. It's only the Olympics....