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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Back home....

(above: flying over Orphir, Walkmill Bay (sandy part) and Kirbister Loch)

Yes, I've been away for a few days (again), though I left you a couple of posts to entertain you ;-)  This time I've been to York (Northern England).  I've worked for the University of York for over 5 years now, and fortunately can do it all "at a distance". I'm a health researcher, and with the help of broadband it's possible to do most things online these days. I can keep in touch via phone and Skype, but a couple of times a year I visit the campus for a course or just to catch up with folk.

No sight-seeing time available this time. Though over the years I've "done" most of the sights. I did manage a trip to Betty's Tea Room. This has become something of a ritual when I visit, English Afternoon Tea with a few colleagues. Tea is served in silver tea pots, cakes on a stand, and a piano player too!  MMmmmmm lovely!  Though this time I think I overfaced myself with cake........

I'd hoped to glimpse a bit of "summer" - but the North of England is having a tough time this year, as is the rest of the UK.  It was warm (22 degrees C, 72 F) but NO SUN! Just lots of cloud, high humidity so it felt hot and sticky, and heavy thundery showers.  We've had a better summer in Orkney than York, and that is saying something given how changeable *our* weather has been! Anyway it was good to catch up with colleagues, and visit Betty's.

It was a joy to arrive home in Orkney on Friday night to blue skies, warmth and FRESH air.

Flying over Kirkwall

 I'd put on warmer clothing for coming home, but I didn't need it. I had a bit of a wait for the ferry home (we get a "late boat" at 9.30 on a Friday night) so joined neighbours in the upstairs bar of the Stromness Hotel for a quick drink. The Stromness Pipe Band were playing outside for folk walking about the town.

Button was pleased to see me, but after travelling for 12 hours all I wanted to do was fall into bed. So....some catching up to do (again) before another holiday due shortly. It's all go......


  1. I would love to live somewhere so rugged, and isolated, and beautiful, but I'm the world's worst traveller, and the thought of the travelling involved to get anywhere and home again fills me with horror. I feel feel ill just thinking about all those planes and boats - especially the boats!

  2. Memories of Betty's Tea Rooms. I worked in Yorkshire for 20 years before coming back to Scotland and York was always a favourite to visit and never missed the cosy atmosphere of Betty's - thank you for reminding me. I'm off to warm the pot!

  3. It's always wonderful coming back home isn't it ?

  4. Ooh! I just had to comment - I'm a friend of Fay's (we've stayed in her house a few times over Christmas and probably seen your house from the window!) - and I work at the University of York too :) I've often dreamed of living in Orkney. Wonder if I could persuade work to let me move up there and keep my job?!

    We very occasionally manage a trip to Betty's too - always a treat! :)

    Jenni x

    1. OOOh! Hallo! Waving!!! I'll let you know next time I'm in York and maybe we could meet up?? Though I do visit only once or twice a year. I'm so lucky to have a job that I can work "at a distance". I'm not the only one - there another person who works for Uni of York and lives in Orkney too! You'll have to put your most persuasive shoes on and give it a go ;-)

    2. Well, that would be extremely lovely indeed! I do work kind of at a distance (3 days a week from home in Sheffield) but that's not quite as extreme as Orkney... Still, if there's already two of you.... Would love to meet you, do give me a shout when you're down here (although I realise you'll be busy on the few days you are here!)