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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Busy week.....

It's a busy week - yesterday I went over to Kirkwall, on the Orkney Mainland, to do some food shopping. Having been away for a week the cupboard was bare, so to speak.  I also needed to cut the grass around the house and in the walled garden. At this time of year it grows almost while I'm watching it. And again as I'd been away and missed a mowing session, it was overly long. Unfortunately in my enthusiasm I tried mowing it when it was still rather damp, which ended up in me stalling the mower and flattening the battery in a fit of temper!  Fortunately neighbours were on hand to "jump start" it and get me on the road again - with strict instructions NOT to overtax the mower by trying to mow the grass when it was too damp! Later in the day the grass was dryer and I got most of it done.

Then today I had a visit from a fellow blogger and her family!  Babzy is staying in Orkney for the week, on holiday from France, and very much wanted to visit a small island. So, she and her family and friends came out to see the island today. Fortunately the sun shone most of the time. We had a lovely time chatting in the conservatory. Babzy speaks very good English and the others understood most of what we were saying, with just a little translation needed. My French is appalling so I didn't even attempt to inflict it upon them. After tea (I knew I would get on with her when she said she was a tea drinker ;-) ) and biscuits and cake we set off to inspect the garden. Oh - my embarrassment at the weeds which are overwhelming the vegetables! I need to spend a few hours out there working!!  Then we ventured down to the shell beach which has the coral sand - after a diversion with the hens and some young chicks. I MUST take some photos of the young chicks.  Babzy and co then went off for a walk around the island and we met up again just before the ferry left.  It was a lovely afternoon and I really enjoyed meeting them.  I'm glad the sun shone on Graemsay for their visit - it will hopefully keep it in their memory!

Button is demanding lots of fuss after my absence.  She is a very robust cat and doesn't seem too traumatised when I go away, but she is good at sending me on a "guilt trip" on my return.

I'm busy with work at the moment, as I have another project as well as my usual work to do. So I've had to work out a timetable to make sure I fit everything in this week.  The sunshine and sunsets call me outdoors though, so it IS hard being disciplined to stay indoors. We haven't the hot temperatures of the South of England (they are in the high 20s C), but we have reached 18 degrees (68F) which is pleasant and around my preferred temperature! And as you can see above - the sunset has been lovely. Sunrise today was at 04.44 and sunset at 21.48. The sun is slowly creeping it's way back across the Flow to it's winter position.....sigh.....

This boat visited Graemsay yesterday delivering some farm machinery for one of the farmers. Our own ferry has a weight limit on the crane which means it can't lift heavy machinery, so the ferry company organised delivery using a work boat from one of the companies working on the renewable energy projects. The crane looks huge! It seemed to make easy work of delivery anyway as was sailing back to Stromness pretty quickly.

I'll leave you with another photo of the sunset this week..... I'll post more photos of my holiday later in the week, once I "catch my breath"!


  1. Your life does sound idyllic. But then people in the Scottish isles have come out tops in the recent happiness survey haven't they? I can see why.

    1. You beat me to it. I've just posted about it. It has caused much amusement in these parts. It may not always be "paradise" but it is a wonderful life-style for many.

  2. Okay. I'm not packing my bags for the Orkneys yet. Thanks for reminding me about the very long days coz of course they are followed by very short days in winter.

    Is it tough in winter when there is so little daylight ?