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Thursday 6 March 2008

Ahhh the silence.....

Ahhh the silence… the wind has died down again for a wee while at least. It has been persistently raining all day it has to be said, but everything is relative and the departure of the wind is a great improvement. The hens were delighted to see me this morning and came running to greet me. I think this had more to do with a large pot of spaghetti and rice that I had prepared for them, rather than my engaging personality….. However the hay bales they were using as a nest have disappeared as fodder for some young cattle stock so I shall have to begin the hunt for eggs again. Hmmm wonder if I could microchip the hens and get some sort of tracker device set up…….

I must go out for a walk along the shore tomorrow and see if there has been any more coastal erosion. Last weekend I noticed I had lost some large tufts of earth around the perimeter of the field behind my house. In Scotland you own land down to the low water mark on the sea shore – so technically I still own the bits of turf that are now sitting upon my beach – but they won’t be much use for anything.

Last week I was sent an old photo of the house taken in 1912 and one of the really interesting aspects of it is how much land there is between the road and the shore at that time. Most of that has now eroded. Even in the time I have lived here I have noticed that some of the stone from the old derelict buildings on the edge of my land have been sliding down onto the shore after each storm. Hopefully the house will be safe for another hundred years or more! I’m not so sure about our public road though. There was talk of rerouting it across the top of the hill to give access to the pier. Currently it runs past my front door – which is very handy if my car won’t start and I need a lift to the pier as I can flag down a passing motorist. Well I know we don’t have many of those, but when the boat is due there is usually at least one or two cars heading to the pier or back again.

To be honest I only live about 0.5 miles from the pier so ought to walk more but cars act as umbrellas, provide shelter from the wind and are useful as a shopping trolley!


  1. Sounds like Orkney had the same weather as Central Texas today! How often does *that* happen? We also had thunderstorms, rain, some hail (but not on me), and (for us) cold weather. (Currently 33F, which is cold here.) They're even threatening maybe, possibly, brief snow flurries tonight. That won't happen, though, as snow is generally scared away when it's mentioned by weather people.

  2. Wow! It's a rare occasion when we can say we share the same weather - given our temps rarely creep above 70 degs and yours rarely below!