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Monday 31 March 2008


With the weather being so good this weekend I took the opportunity to do some gardening. The ground at the front of the house is still very wet and muddy, but the border I dug last year at the back of the house seems to have well draining soil so I made a start on tidying that up.

I think I’ve mentioned before that as I’ve been digging I’ve come across layers of paths and lots of stones – this pile are only about half the stones I’ve dug up so far! However the border is beginning to take shape.

Last year I put in rosa rugosa, fuschia and hebes plus some other hardy shrubs, with some perennial border plants in between. I’m hoping to add to those this year. The border is north facing but the 5ft dyke (wall) does give the border quite a bit of shelter from the south westerly and south easterly wind. Though it can still swirl around near the buildings. And of course nothing protects it from the North wind……. There is still a lot of work to be done to the border as you can see but it feels good to have made a start.

But I’m really enjoying just pottering around – I’m not very fit so have to take lots of rests on my garden spade – but the view is wonderful. And yesterday while working I could hear some of the seals “singing”. And the birds are very busy calling at this time of the year.

While I was digging I was accompanied by Clara Cluck, looking out for any tasty worms. She is quite a character and one of my favourite hens. If I spent too long leaning on my trusty spade she would start pecking at it as if to say “get on with it, woman, I’m hungry”! None of the other hens came around until after I had finished. Though Finlay Junior was hanging about trying to pretend he was doing something important – usually scaring me half to death by crowing just behind me!


  1. What a beautiful day you had for working (or just lounging on the shovel) outside!

  2. Yes it was lovely just to be outdoors. Not much sun since then but hopefully it will return soon!