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Sunday 16 March 2008

Films, baking and seeds

Friday night I was over in Stromness as we had our monthly film night showing “Once” an Irish film which is an unconventional musical and love story. I’ll not say much more or it will spoil it! It’s a lovely gentle story (with some bad language so be warned) and I really warmed to the central characters.

We had a reasonable turnout, just 15 folk this time but they all seemed to enjoy the evening, and as long as we cover our costs the main aim is to have FUN and watch some interesting films.

Yesterday was a lovely Spring day, a bit chilly and some rain showers but beautiful sunshine most of the day. I went for a walk along the shore on the West Mainland of Orkney with L. and her two wee Shetland collies. We walked to a well known local spot “the fishermen’s huts” which are wooden huts that used to be used by local fishermen to keep equipment, creels for lobsters etc. You can still see the marks in the ground called boat “nousts” – where the boats would be hauled out of the water above the high water mark. The nousts were dug into the ground so they provided some protection for the boats which would mainly have been small boats rowing or sail boats.

I also had a chance to do some shopping in town and bring home more supplies for the bread maker and for CAKE. Today I’ve tried a recipe suggested by a friend, adding seeds to a mixture of strong white and wholemeal flour. I’ll let you know how I get on D!

I’ve also made a date and raisin cake – it’s the first time I’ve tried that particular recipe and it was delicious (Yes I’ve hade TWO slices already). I also made my regular “farmhouse cake” – which is made using mixed fruit, but the mixture is first heated up on the hob, then add flour and eggs and bake in the oven.

Today I’ve also been settling some seeds into small seed trays. Mainly Calandula, nasturtiums and some welsh poppies. Last year I did OK with the seeds but the hens murdered them once they were put into the ground. So this year I am sowing the seeds earlier and hoping I can pot them on and grow them to a decent size before planting outside. The plants that go into tubs and planters are OK as the hens leave them alone, but if they go straight into the ground the young tender plants don’t stand a chance!

I’ve been out to inspect the garden this morning and the rosa rugosa have lots of young green shoots on. The young willow trees are already showing lovely downy grey buds. It definitely feels like Spring has sprung!

In the South of England where I used to live the fields are apparently filled with young lambs. However in Orkney lambing doesn’t usually start till about April as the climate is harsher here. It’s the same with the calves – although I think some folk aim to start calving towards the end of March. So I’m looking forward to next month when the fields will again be filled with young lambs and calves!

Mmmmm can spell the CAKE – time for another slice I think.


  1. I can almost feel the soft spring air, and smell the lovely fresh smells. It was so good of you to provide your chickens with those lovely tender fresh seedlings for dessert. I guess they do need to be put on a "diet", though. LOL

  2. Well some of the farmers have been out spreading the muck today so the air is certainly - um - fragrant! LOL! Sian

  3. Once is a lovely movie. Jeff (husband) and I watch the Oscars every year, and there were shrieks of joy when Glenn and Mara won the oscar for best song this year.

  4. I loved their low key acceptance and the fact that Glenn(I think it was him?) didn't wear a suit among all the tuxes! And yes I loved the film too and will watch again.