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Sunday 23 March 2008

Sunday or Monday?

Well it’s nearly midnight so not sure if this a Sunday or a Monday entry……. Have been busy this weekend with various activities and just realised I haven’t made a blog entry for a couple of days.

Yesterday spent some time doing some more baking. Date and Apple slices (made with rolled oats) were first on the menu. Mmmmm quite delicious with Greek yoghurt. Then tried a recipe for Malteser Treat tray bake, which consisted of mooshed up digestive biscuits (for those in the US they are like Graham crackers only sweeter), Maltesers, butter and chocolate – lots of chocolate. Mix together and chill in the fridge (the “cake” not yourself, though after all that melted chocolate maybe…..). Anyway I have to say – it was a disappointment. Tasting of mooshed up digestive biscuits, butter, chocolate and Maltesers. All of which I love – but they lose something in the mixing together I fear.

While all that was going on also made some Butternut Squash soup. Oooh now that was quite yummy. Though I had to concentrate hard so as not to put Maltesers into the wrong saucepan….

And baked another white loaf, this time with various seeds (that worked well D, thanks for the idea). Also topped with sesame seeds. I *know* brown bread is better for me and I do try to like it – honest I do. But somehow my taste-buds prefer fresh WHITE bread. Mmmmm toast, lots of toast……

Then spent rest of day sorting out a room I’ve recently turned into a guest room. I had a spurt of enthusiasm in the autumn to paint the room and furnish with stuff I had in a store-room. But the enthusiasm waned with the light and it remained unfinished. However I have a friend visiting from “south” soon so want to get the room respectable for guests.

So today I’ve been painting an old wardrobe. When I started on it I didn’t think it was going to work out and started to panic. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to walk away, have tea and CAKE, and on reappraisal after paint had dried it doesn’t look too bad at all. Still have the doors to do – painted the rest in a cream colour and want the doors in a deeper primrose yellow. Now I just have to get rid of the smell of paint before my guest arrives (sigh). Mary (on Graemsay) suggested half an onion in a saucer – but I used the last onion for the Butternut Squash soup. Well if the weather warms up (pah!) then I might be able to open windows.

So to the weather…… well it’s snowing but not in an interesting way. It snows, settles for a few minutes then disappears. Though it was probably just as well that there wasn’t too much snow today as we had an island Community Association meeting.

The Community Association is the local island group that manages the Community Hall and organises island events etc, fund raisers for hall funds etc. Folk volunteer to go on the committee and then we all meet together to discuss things. We’ve just taken receipt of some new tables and chairs so tried those out today – chairs were very comfortable!

And I’ve managed to get through this entry without mentioning Chocolate Easter Eggs……..


  1. Chocolate Easter bunnies??? Tsk, tsk! I've made butternut squash soup, and it is SO good! You make us so hungry, with all the good food you cook.

  2. Oops - sorry - Easter EGGS - either is decadent, though.

  3. Care to share your recipe for butternut squash soup? I'll post mine later too. But delicious as BNS soup is - I'll always prefer chocolate!

  4. I'll have to go hunt it up, and will try to get it to you sometime. Will enjoy seeing/trying yours, too.