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Saturday 8 March 2008

Grrrr - technology!

Well I am well and truly grumpy now as I have just spent two hours sorting out what should have been a simple IT problem. Some program files got corrupted and I’d been meaning to upgrade that program for a while so went online and did just that, but then it took forever to install as first I had to uninstall the previous program (it told me I had to….), then it would get halfway through its installation and say X is marked for deletion please restart windows, so I would then have to wait ages while it ran through the start up process and everything (well ok slight exaggeration but you know what it’s like watching a kettle boil – well double it for computers) and it would go on for a while (a long while) then ask me to delete file Y…... This went on for some time. In fact it took so long that I made up a cake mixture and it is halfway through baking in the oven before my computer Idris III felt he was ready to co-operate.

I named my computer Idris after a Welsh dragon (my family are from the Welsh Valleys). Dragons symbolise transformation which seemed appropriate for my computer as it can transform zeros and ones into the most beautiful images, and can equally transform my most precious data into ash……… Hopefully Idris will slumber quietly for a while after his afternoon exertions and not cause me any more grief today.

So my initial cheerful mood today after a brisk walk in the sunshine has deteriorated into grumpiness and I shall absent myself from any more words and go and veg out in front of the TV watching a murder mystery. That should take my mind of computers for a while!!

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