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Wednesday 27 September 2017

A trip to Stromness.

Back in August when I took a trip to Stromness there was low cloud/mist over the water. It was very atmospheric.

I love the little lanes leading to the pier. There are lots of these in Stromness. Each one different.

There are drawings carved into the flag stones around Stromness, I think it's something to do with a treasure hunt for the kids maybe? Perhaps I ought to find out and do it...

And I loved this deck chair in the window of the Quernstone shop in the street.  Buy it and you get to sit on Graemsay!!

And I popped up to a visit a friend who had a wonderful view over Graemsay and Hoy!  You can see the Hoy High light in the photo, and Sandside....

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  1. Actually, wesawthat deck chair in the shop window in Stromness. Rachel and I debated whether it would fit in my luggage, but common sense won out! ��