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Sunday 24 September 2017

It's officially Autumn......

Well I'm not sure where the last month went, never mind summer!  I have been away on my hols for a few days, down to the New Forest in Hampshire (England). More of that in a later post.  But I've been back a while.  I think I just felt so overwhelmed by how far behind on my blog I am that I kind of ignored it so I didn't panic!  Anyway I have now got a grip, so to speak and here are the first Autumnal photos.  It was the equinox on Friday.  Sunset here is now about 7.10pm and sunrise about the same in the morning (hence the equinox - equal night and day).

The sun has drifted back across the Sound and now sets just behind Graemsay.  By mid-winter it will be hiding behind the Hoy Hills!  But that's a while away yet (please!!).  I'm not a fan of Autumn, it is a harbinger of Winter.  Neither my fave seasons, even when I lived further South and got more glorious autumnal colours.  In Orkney we tend to get a couple of weeks of autumn then the gales arrive and we're straight into Winter, whatever the calender!.  But it is what it is, so on we go towards SPRING! My all time favourite season. Haha!

This panorama distorts the landscape a bit but I love it anyway!

Sandside Bay looking very calm in the evening light.

Another semi-panorama from the shore across the Bay to the other side of Graemsay. To the right the tip of Warbeth, on the Orkney Mainland.  And of course the hills are over on the island of Hoy.

And here looking across my lovely green field, over the old ruins to Stromness on the Orkney Mainland.

Standby for more posts!!

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