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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Flying high.....

When I flew back to Orkney a couple of weeks ago the sun was shining and the sea was a beautiful blue, reflecting the clear(ish) sky.  There was a great view of South Ronaldsay and the linked South Isles (these are linked by the famous Churchill Barriers). It's now possible to drive to the tip of South Ronaldsay across all the barriers linking the islands (Winterstorms permitting!) so those of us on un-linked islands don't think of these as "islands".  But the communities ON the linked isles do remember a time when they were NOT linked and still have an "isles feel" in part - apparently.

I managed to take quite a few photos so thought I'd share them here.....  Above you get a clear view of the barriers....

As with much of Orkney South Ronaldsay is predominantly a farming community....

I love the reflection of the clouds on the water....

As you can see these islands are very low lying....

This is the island of Copinsay an RSPB reserve.

There is also a sea stack (in this photo I think) known as The Horse of Copinsay!

And in this photo there is a causeway to a small island that I think is called Hunda.

And another panorama of the isles...

So hope you enjoyed this short flight. Sorry no in-flight refreshments were served. Hee hee!


  1. Disappointed with the refreshments but I enjoyed the flight.

    1. Sorry about that but you know what these budget airlines are like LOL!

  2. North Ronaldsay is home to a unique breed of sheep who are able to graze -- and live -- on seaweed. They go out on to the rocky shore to graze at low tide, and rest and chew the cut when the tide is high.