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Friday 29 September 2017

August skies over Graemsay

Above just around sunset.....  Below - the panorama distorts the landscape but I love it anyway!

Sinking into the ocean just behind the henny house and off the tip of Graemsay....

There she goes for another day...

The Hamnavoe ferry sailing into Stromness for the night.

Cloudy skies above Hoy High lighthouse.

A car in the sky?!  An island car being winched off the ferry onto the pier.  We don't have a ro-ro service on Graemsay so everything is winched on and off the ferry or carried by hand. Someone's shopping near the pier steps there!

Glowering clouds bringing rain....

Rain and sun.....

Another atmospheric panorama!

Cloud over Stromness


  1. Spectacular views, as always. Just an aside, I read your posts through Bloglovin' and wonder if you and other blog authors receive my comments or whether they just somehow vanish into cyberspace. :-) They don't show up on your blog and it set me to wondering.

    1. Hi Rebecca! Well I got this one just fine so that's good. Hopefully it works to for other bloggers. It's lovely to get comments otherwise I think no one reads it! :-)

  2. Beautiful photos! Ellen in Oregon

    1. Thank you Ellen, and thanks for commenting!