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Saturday 30 September 2017

Down by the shore...

Above are two grey seals down at the shore.  They were completely unconcerned that I was nearby today.  Though I was using a zoom lens to take their pictures. One is shedding is a pup shedding its fluffy coat. It looks as though it has just unzipped its cardigan!  Or maybe he is a real selkie.

They were both just at the end of the old stone pier at Sandide.

Here you can see fluffy flippers!

There was a young cormorant on the shore too... or was it a shag? I get the two mixed up!

Looking across to Stromness....

I love these grass seed heads...

More shags/cormorants among the gulls....

A workboat heading into Stromness.  Wind turbines in the background - these are at the local water treatment works outside Stromness.

A flock of lapwings flew over....

And the remains of this old boat is being reclaimed by nature, softening the harshness of the burnt hull.

Hope you enjoyed the short walk today.  Button? Ah she was snoozling at home. Though she had been out for a short perambulation when the sun shone earlier in the day....


  1. Always a joy to go on a walk with you. A real delight to catch a glimpse of the seals.

    1. I just love it when the seals come in close!

  2. That's quite a coat on the 'little' guy! Thank you for sharing these lovely images.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yes I enjoyed seeing this little walk, with the seals or possibly selkies and coastal views.

  4. lovely photos, as usual! Thought you might like to know that we have made an offer on a house in Stromness, which has been accepted :)