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Monday 31 August 2020

Hens, garden, sun, Button.....


I hang onto the sunsets at this time of year as the sun resolutely marches back to between the Hoy hills for Winter.  My favourite seasons are Spring and Summer.  Autumn doesn't really exist in Orkney - summer fades and then the gales arrive and it's more Winter than Autumn.  I'm trying to be more in tune with the turning of the seasons, but I'm sad as it means less time outside for me.  Ho hum....

Meanwhile we still have some warm days to enjoy.  Button seeks some shade under the crocosmia!

Looking across the bay.....

The hay loft on the old barn..... each gale a few more slates fall in....

The daisies have done well this year.  A young blackbird on the stone dyke...

Button keeps a wary eye on a henny having a drink....

Shrubbery nicely framing Hoy High light!

Large garden snail!!

Button unconcerned about snails though...

Hmmmm Gimpy Hen takes a rest under my bench!

A bit of a blowy day.....


  1. The temperatures have dropped and the days are getting shorter here but like you hanging on to the last of the Summer for as long as possible.

    1. It was warm in the garden again today but the evenings are definitely cooler! I just love being outdoors - miss that in the winter though I do get out each day.

  2. As a 34 yo man who works in IT from Utah, USA, I ADORE your blog as a counter to the busier things that pop up in my various news feeds. Before my grandparents had strokes a couple years ago, they lived similar lifestyles and would share photos of various on-goings and "news" on their farm, including those of the geese that frequented their front step, which they named Poppaganda and Ma Goose. I look forward to future posts! Also shared your blog with mom. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jarom, thank you so much for your lovely words! I have to say at times I've considered stopping ad wasn't sure if folk were really still that interested as I don't get out and about much these days! Love the story of the front porch geese! I also love the idea of front porches - preferably with a swing.... I visited friends in Washington DC who had just that and they had to haul me out of the swing each day. Love that idea!

  3. Wonderful photos. Love how Button hides.

    1. Thank you. Haha - she loves being outdoors in good weather but she finds places to hide from pecky inquisitive hens!