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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Sunny days....

We have had a reasonable Summer so far in Orkney.  Very changeable, but that is Orkney! A couple of warm sunny days, then rain or mist, and it's been quite breezy.  But I have been able to get outdoors most days so that's been really good.

Wild daisies around the front of the house.

And around the side of the house, wild daisies and buttercups...

Meanwhile in the garden...

A late flowering star allium, and behind an annual Mallow against the old stone dyke.

My elderly Henny Penny who is sadly declining, and getting quite demented but rocking it every day still!  Loves to steal food!

In one of the old sheds are two blackbird fledglings.  The blackbirds at Sandside have been really successful this year which is great. They are one of my favourite birds.  There are also wagtails that have a couple of fledglings, Robins and Wrens too, as well as spuggies (sparrows) and of course the Starlings!

A panorama from my field.  Hoy High light on the left, home in the middle, old buildings at Sandside on the right, Hoy hills as a backdrop.

Bit further round....

Meanwhile Button either sleeps in the sun, or a bit of shade or on her "day bed"!

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