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Tuesday, 1 September 2020



And 2020 rolls on..... September - meteorological Autumn.  Though in Orkney Autumn generally lasts a week and we head straight into Winter.... we shall see how things go this year.  Children have been back at school for about 3 weeks now with the island children commuting on our ferry.  Still the odd case of Covid-19  popping up in Orkney.  I'm still keeping isolated for now.  Though I've had lots of socially distanced visits in the garden with friends and neighbours!  Ergo....

My cheap Tesco plastic table and chairs have languished at the back of the shed for almost 20 years now!  But they have never been so well used as this summer.  Essential supplies provided - hand sanitiser, midge repellant, and brown sauce for bacon sandwiches.  Haha!!

We've had a reasonable summer the last few weeks.  Better than other parts of Scotland.  It's been dry, little wind, and decidedly warm and sunny!  Not sure how much longer that will continue but I treasure each warm, less windy day!

The sun has moved across the sky even in the last week.  Sunset is about 20.10.  

And just a week later you can see the difference between the photo above and below!

And a setting moon over the Hoy hills....

It looks like a bonfire on top of Ward Hill on Hoy, but it's just the moon disappearing!

The moon has been beautiful this last few days... here is another picture.... It looks as though it is sitting on one of the hydro (electricity) poles!

And while we look to the skies..... a rainbow!

Elsewhere.... old buidlings....

Nature reclaiming the stones...

A life belt leaning against the old stable...


  1. Oh, it's all so beautiful! And the nights are drawing in here in Edinburgh too (not surprisingly...). Sigh.

    1. I am making a determined effort to try and "embrace" the changing season.... ahem... not sure how successful it will be - haha!

  2. Another beautiful tour, such amazing sunsets.

  3. Just lovely. Good to enjoy the fine weather while you can.

    1. Absolutely. And I'm trying to be positive about the changing season. I have plenty of books to read :-)