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Friday, 4 September 2020


 Hoy High lighthouse among the dramatic clouds.... and at the other end of the island - Hoy Low lighthouse!  It doesn't feature so much as I don't go down that way very often... yeah I know it's a small island but...  I will endeavour to take some more pix on a fine day...  Anyway why does such a small island have TWO lighthouses I hear you ask?  They are what are known as "leading lights" and were built to guide the herring fleet through a safe channel into Stromness harbour.  Skippers had to line both the lights up a certain way to get the deepest channel through the entrance to Hoy Sound. Hence Hoy Sound High light and Hoy Sound Low light....

Meanwhile in the garden - hebe this side of the magnificent stone dyke, over the other side fushia, willow and a cordyline.

And here they are nicely framing Hoy High light - in the foreground an Elder and fennel

Um.... two of the girls having a dust bath!

And one of them later sitting by Button's cat flap.  I have NO idea why..... but she looks quite comfortable....

Though she and I had a slight altercation earlier as I found she had gone broody among the shrubbery...

Nearly two dozen eggs!  The baggage!!!  I cleared the nest and thankfully she has given up now sitting now.  I'm not sure if ALL the eggs were hers.  Anyway once a hen starts brooding eggs she stops laying so... now she's not laying!  

And another sunset!!


  1. Sian, re your comments on my last post. We have an Elddis Accordo 120 camper van. Its the same size as a Peugeot panel van so its relatively easy to drive and park. A friend has a smaller Peugeot van and she's getting it converted into a small camper.
    You have lots of beautiful places just a ferry ride away. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.

    1. Thanks for that ! I will make a note....