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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Calm returns.....

The gale lasted well into the evening yesterday. Although the gusts diminished, the strength of the wind was still strong. However after a walk around the outside of the house and garden all seems well with no damage. Though it has to be said that anything that wasn't already tied down, or had weakened, would have blown away in the autumn gales! But we have had a remarkably quiet winter in terms of wind and it's easy when Spring is in the air to get complacent and not shut a door quite tightly enough, or leave something lying around to fly about. I always fear for my conservatory windows and any debris flying into those.

However all is well. It's still a bit breezy outdoors but not strong enough to deter me from a bit of gardening. I have found a slight drawback to my plan of spreading seaweed and allowing it torot over the veggie patch without the need to dig in...... it had got to a nicely dried up stage..... 70mph winds arrived...... and redistributed it around the garden! It doesn't matter too much in some areas, but I now need to do some land based seaweed gathering - I'm not sure the salt will do the lawn much good? Though it probably got salt blasted enough yesterday with the Westerly wind and the salt spray in the air. The garden is just about 50 years from the shore and although the old garden dyke protects it nicely from the wind, there are still deposits of salt on everything.

It was a joy to find this fragile flower still blooming after the gale. The thick grass around this crocus protected it from the worst of the wind.

This is a bit of an optical illusion - these are mini daffodils among my "mini" wood - young willow trees, the flowers were protected from the worst of the wind by the stone dyke.

And here is Button inspecting a tree for wind damage ;-)


  1. Maybe your gale blew the last of winter away. 8^)

  2. We can but hope! The last two days have been beautiful anyway so may be so.....