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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hens with the new cockerel

A successful transfer took place last weekend (after much racing around - by other people, not me!) and George is now in his new home and behaving himself. He has a larger flock of hens and couple of other cockerels to keep him in his place and so far he hasn't had time to be aggressive to any humans.

Meanwhile his replacement is a very shy chap. The hens seemed to take to him very well, however this morning I found him in the barn with the bull while the hens were in the henny hoose with the Young Pretender (a young bird that was thought to be a hen, but isn't!). So not sure what's going on there. Maybe the new chap was having a "Grumpy Old Men" style chat with the bull disgruntled at the "youth of today"! As the weather has been so poor this weekend (wind, rain, cold...) I haven't had chance to see how things are with the cockerels and hens but at least the new chap has a warm barn to sleep in if he has been feeling "hen pecked"!

The clocks "sprung forward" last night so we are now in British Summer Time - hmm wish someone had told the weather - it's now SNOWING!

Below are some eggs from the hens - for those who haven't experienced eggs from free range hens - yes that IS the colour of the yolk, a much richer yellow/orange than barn or factory hens. The taste is completely different too, really delicious.


  1. I've loved the saga of the cockrels. It'll be fun to see how the new guy on the block manages things.

  2. The younger of the two is certainly making his voice heard this morning. The other guy is still in with the bull......

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