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Thursday 25 March 2010

Fresh eggs anyone?

The hens are at full production now and these are the eggs I collected this morning! The pure white ones are from the young Light Sussex hens, the mid-brown from the regular brown hens, and the deeper brown with spots from the Maran hens. The eggs are nestling comfortably in the "Sandside Plate" which is part of the wedding china given to Samuel Sutherland and Mary Sinclair Lyon in December 1877. The Sutherland family kindly gave me a piece of the china for the kitchen dresser. I like the idea that it has "returned home" and is sitting in the kitchen over 130 years later!


  1. I was never a fan of eggs, until I tried the free range organic ones that came from a local farm. Never again will I eat those horrid grocery store ones. But I never get such pretty ones as these.
    And I don't have such a pretty historical plate for mine either.

    Word verification is ugly.

  2. What a lovely sight - and what a treat to have an original plate for the house.

    I've never had a fresh-from-the-chicken egg. I'm sure they're delicious!

  3. over 130 years later.
    I think that we Japanese should learn culture to take good care of an old thing.

  4. Good eggs are a real pleasure, I used to keep hens and they are such fun. I like the plate too.

  5. What a pretty scene! I've had a few really fresh eggs (mostly at lovely B&Bs in Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and the color of the yolks alone lets you know you're in for a treat!

    Sian, look for an email from me later today (probably in your spam folder!).

    Louise from Seattle