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Monday, 15 March 2010

On the Transfer List.....

Gorgeous George, my Light Sussex cockerel is on the transfer list...... He can be seen in the centre of the picture above. I've had him a few months and he is beautiful, however this last week or so he has become very aggressive towards me. I fear he may think I'm a little red hen, being small and with red hair! Anyway I've been having a bit of a battle with him when I go and feed the chickens in the morning and it is getting beyond a joke - I have several bruises on my leg from him nipping me with his sharp beak. Fortunately I wear a fairly robust coat as he has jumped up at me with his feet too. My chickens are completely free range and he doesn't seem bothered any other time, just first thing in the morning at feeding time - but that's bad enough!

Anyway, it had been suggested I try controlling him by spraying a strong vinegar solution at him so I will try that. But I suspect he will either need to move to a new home where he will be less of a danger, or....... chicken soup may be on the menu. Sorry George but you've broken the terms of your employment contract! Have you not heard the expression "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"........

Note: I've just come back from feeding the chickens. George was on his own and was fine with me, but when the hens all ran up to me he got aggressive. So he clearly thinks I'm another cockerel that is threatening his harem, or just a threat to his hens. Though the hens don't looked afraid of me at all and chatter around my feet. Clearly Chivalrous George has not heard of "Womens Lib"!


  1. Spare George!

    Please show some clemency. I think you should spray him with a vinegar solution to show him who is boss.


  2. We have a cockerel who would make an excellent replacement. Adam is very easy-going and we don't really want to get rid of him, but nearly all our hens are either his children or grandchildren. We'll take George on and try to knock him into shape. Give me a shout if you're interested.

  3. Chicken soup? Yeeees, nice idea.
    But do try him on the vinegar solution first, that might dampen his ardour. After all, he is just being the male of the species, isn't he.

    found you via 'next blog'.

  4. Jonathan - hmmm well it's not working so far. It's also a bit difficult to juggle the bowl with scraps for the hens, cat food for charlie-in-the-barn, AND a spray bottle...

    Malc - I'll bear that offer in mind! But I think a neighbour may have beaten you to it, however I will check with her and get back to you...... a touch of sea-sickness might slow him down - sigh.

    Friko - welcome! You live in a lovely part of the country. I must read more of your blog later.