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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The mini-daffodils are out in the garden! Spring is here!! Yes!! It's lovely to see the clumps growing among the willows which are fluffing up with buds.

In Stromness the Rooks are busy building nests in the trees. They are so noisy! I don't think the Rooks are very popular with some town residents as they make such a mess around the nesting sites.

Button is spending more time out hunting at night. However, a girl needs to warm her paws upon her return as the ground is still cold!

Sunrise in Orkney is 0635 (London 0617), sunset is 1810 (London 1803). The days are getting longer!!


  1. Your recent photos and posts have been wonderful, Sian. Button is always a star but I'm very impressed by the daffodils - not quite out yet here in Yorkshire though we have oodles of snowdrops in our village. Loved your tale about your new mini tractor- I'd already smiled broadly at the photo on Mick's site and his few words about the slight problems you had initially. Hope your weather keeps fine, Jo

  2. ooh, congratulations on your daffodils! We're still in the thick of snowdrop season in Perthshire.

    Your tractor story was an absolute hoot and very vivid. Made me think of Katie Morag and of Lillian Beckwith's stories ('The Sea for Breakfast' etc). Would that I were too light to be noticed by a my dreams!

    I'm off to look for daffodils now.

  3. Button has found the right spot - a wide windowsill for warmth from the sun, with the added bonus of a cosy radiator right there to thaw out cold paws.

    The nights are drawing in here so your Spring is definately lurking close by you.

    Wonderful tractor tale - will you have to sit on a couple of bricks to get the weight right? (but then your feet wouldn't reach the pedals). Hope a solution is imminent!

  4. I am always impressed at how much longer your growing season is than ours, even though you are so much further north.

  5. Jo - good to see you back here. I'd been wondering how you were doing! The daffs are a miniature variety and do seem to come out early. The larger ones are still in bud. Glad you enjoyed the story of my mini-tractor - can't wait for the grass to grow now!

    DancingBeastie - Hope you found some daffs on your walk. Still a bit early for the daffs that grow more out in the open here. My mini-ones are quite sheltered by the stone dyke.

    Mickle - Our fuzzy friends certainly manage to picks places of maximum comfort don't they!

    Violet-Sky - Hmm our growing season doesn't feel THAT long. Mini daffs are out in garden but larger varieties still in bud. The land doesn't seem to warm up till later here so things get planted out later - but due to the much longer daylight this far north once things DO start growing they can really put on a spurt! April to September seems to be the "growing" season - though if there are no gales till late October sometimes things can continue on.