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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wind again....

But this time I'm talking about wind energy (see Sunday's blog entry)! On tonight's BBC News was a short item about the community wind turbine on the island of Westray (the same island with mentioned in yesterday's blog about the "Westray Wife"!). The island community, through the Westray Development Trust, raised £1.5m through loans and grants to finance the project, and they are hoping for an annual return of £200,000 once loans etc have been paid off. All the money will go back into the community. If you click here you can see a short film from the BBC correspondent to get a feel for the island. As well as the large turbine, there are also quite a few "domestic" sized turbines on the island - these are a lot smaller being only about 12m high. As the BBC chap said - there's a lot of wind on Westary. I make no comment....... ;-)


  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog. Although I am a very active person and love the big cities, I find your blog quite interesting, and would love to keep reading more. Thanks for sharing, and I hopeyou dont mind, that i am a new follower!

  2. Hi SocialButterfly -welcome to my blog. Glad you enjoyed reading and do hope you visit again!

  3. Wind? You've been past our pigshed then.
    Enjoyed the clip - shame the BBC couldn't get minister Ian McDonald's name right.

  4. Ah, Sian's home gets blasted by equinoxial gales - just like here in Wellington. Hope your new mowing device is well anchored down (my bricks on the seat suggestions?). Button will just have to put up with tha wind (Zebbycat snoozles his way through it - I guess his indoor litter tray helps)

    Sending Equinoxial gale force winds
    caring and sharing huggles,

    Michelle and Zebbycat over in Wellington, NZ, xxxxxxx and purrrrumbles