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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Just random.....

I went for a walk along the beach the other day - accompanied by Button of course. She is quite insistent that I "take the air" in the morning.

There are various large chunks of metal littering the shore, embedded in the sand. I like the texture and form of them among the seaweed, stones and shells.

This is the nameplate of an old wooden hull of a boat, lying on the shore near the old stone pier at Sandside. Again I like taking photos of the ageing wood, rusting metal and peeling paint.

Returning home I came across some crocus sheltering beneath the willows at the front of the house

Harbingers of Spring!


  1. Button is right, of course. Thanks for the pics again - lovely.

  2. Lovely crocuses and pussy willow - goodness, I think your spring is more advanced than ours! But the snow is retreating day by day, so it can't be long...can it?!

  3. Rob - cats are rarely wrong!

    Dancingbeastie - I think the rest of the UK has had worse in the way of snow and ice than we have in Orkney!