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Monday 3 November 2008

Adventures with cats….

Jasper arrived last Weds – he was a stray rescued from Stromness where he had been wandering about. He was in foster care for a few weeks and advertised as a lost kitty but no one claimed him. He was in poor condition when rescued and had clearly been living rough for some time. His fosterer fed him up well and he also had some minor surgery on his eye, and treatment for conjunctivitis. He is now looking much healthier with a glossy coat, and is gradually gaining weight. He is very friendly and quite likes being picked up and cuddled. He’s a peedie puss (peedie = small in Orcadian) and very sweet. Not very bold so hasn’t been exploring the house much as yet. But that’s fine he can take his time.
Button exploded out of her cat carrier on Friday – was thinking of renaming her Bombshell! However I think she just objected to being shut in a box for most of the day as she has calmed down now. When I first let her out she escaped and ran round the upstairs of the house and yowled when shut into the spare bedroom upstairs. However she has settled down quietly now. Her foster home had several cats and an excitable young dog so I think she’s glad of some peace and quiet. She is definitely a bold sassy cat. She would happily explore the rest of the house and I think will also be happy to go outdoors.

However plan is to keep the two kitties in separate parts of the house till the end of this week, then I’ll put Button into the conservatory and she and Jasper can see each other through the glass panel door and get acquainted that way first. We’ll see how that goes before putting them together!! In hindsight it would probably have been more sensible to get two kitties from the shelter that were already acquainted. However I’m assured by other more experienced “cat people” that they will soon sort themselves out. And there are enough comfy spaces in the house for each to be happy away from the other if they so wish!

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  1. What lovelies! They look SO much alike. Jasper is more gray, right? Can't wait to hear about the first meeting.