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Sunday 9 November 2008

Momentous week

It’s certainly been a momentous week – Lewis Hamilton became the new Formula 1 World Champion, Barack Obama won the Presidential Election, and Button & Jasper met up for the first time. The first two events were more cause for celebration than the last (depending on your nationality and politics).

It has to be said that Button (aka Miss Sassy Boots) is something of a Drama Queen….. and LOUD…… Jasper, bless his little white socks, ran up to her miaowing and wanting to make friends. Button went into reverse hissing and spitting and yowling. This went on for a couple of days (though I separated them at night for the sake of a peaceful household).

Button is full of energy and I decided yesterday that it was time to let her outdoors so we went for a walk around the byres nearby so she could see where to shelter if she got locked out etc. She is hilarious, scooting around, calling to me all the time. “Come and look at this” – “Blimey what’s that?” (a hen). After a while I turned back to the house calling her. I could hear her but no sign. Eventually she comes scooting out of the barn and leaps up onto the hen house (which is about 6 ft at the front lower at the back). Pretends to get stuck…… Ha! I’m not falling for that and go back to the house. Eventually she follows. Later she wants out again and I leave her to her own devices. I’m wondering how I’ll know when she wants to come back in as it soon gets dark. She’s a black cat with white bits (or as a friend said, a white cat wearing a full bat suit). I needn’t have been concerned – she YOWLS *very* loudly at the door. No mistaking Miss Sassy Boots!

Thankfully after bouncing around outdoors she settles down on a chair opposite Jasper who is snoozing away too. That’s a first. Jasper has been off his food for the last couple of days and I was worried about him – he’s underweight having been a rescued stray. But today I saw him sneak upstairs and eat some of Miss Sassy Boots’ breakfast! He’s just had a light lunch and now curled up sleeping. Meanwhile Button is curled up on my bed……..

Jasper shows no inclination to go out and I’m happy for him to be indoors till he feels more confident and settled.

I separate both of them to different parts of the house when I’m out just in case but hopefully both will settle soon. I had to leave them when I went to town twice this week (for physio and acupuncture for my back which seems to be improving thankfully!) and they were fine. Well cats do sleep 19 hours a day……. Think I want to come back as a cat in my next life…….

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  1. What fun to hear about the meeting of the cats! I'm sure it was fun to watch, too.