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Monday, 24 November 2008

Here kitty, kitty, kitty......

I must get a cat flap....... Button's body clock announces she wants to go out at 10pm each night. By 11pm I'm ready for my bed - only I can't sleep soundly when if I've shut her out. Soft hearted or soft in the head I know but there it is. To be fair she usually comes after being called a few times - and I won't mention *what* she gets called by the end...... and it is awfully sweet to see her bouncing down the driveway greeting me.

However she and Jasper are still not getting on, in fact he now tries to stop her coming back into the house - he lies in wait by the car or round the corner. So I've contacted the cat shelter to ask them to rehome Jasper. I love both the kitties, both are very cute and funny in their own way. However I would at some point like to have two cats and I suspect Jasper is an "only cat" variety. I'm hoping that once Button settles in I could introduce another cat at some point. Or we must just muddle along together as it is. Anyway I'm hoping Jasper gets a new permanent home soon where he and his people are happy for many years to come.

And now I have to go and yell for Button again. Thankfully the wind will blow my words away and no one will hear me scream "BUTTON". Though it could be worse - our family dog when I was a child was called "Whisky" - if I yelled that out the back door Mick would be phoning round the island telling folk "The party's at Sandside"!

Although Button does seem a very silly name - she does answer to it which is unusual for a cat, so I suppose it will stay now.

And at least calling her last thing at night I get to appreciate the night-sky in all it's glory or fury. Tonight is a little breezy (a few weeks ago I would have said very windy...... it's all relative!) and the lights of Stromness are clearly visible, with Orphir dotted with lots twinkling lights too. No doubt I shall have several minutes in which to appreciate the view....... BUTTON!

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  1. Sorry that your two kitties can't get along. But I think you're probably doing the right thing, and doing it quickly. Good luck.