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Saturday 29 November 2008

Frost and snow......

Thought you might enjoy some photos today.

Hoy Hills earlier in the week:

Landscape of frost and snow this morning:

Cloudscape today:


  1. Gorgeous photos, Sian! That was quite a snow. Will it last long? How does Button like the snow?

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Have been following your cat updates but laptop/browser/ firewall problems have prevented me replying before. I'm sure that Jasper will soon be settled in a new home. As you said, Sian, some animals need to be solitary pets. I am sure that Buttons is totally relaxed by now and cannot believe her luck to be living with you. Enjoy her company!

  3. Hoy always looks good in the winter, especially with a covering of snow.
    Wish it was like that today - icy rain and a stiff south-westerly for Westray.

  4. Your photos are lovely, Sian, and we appreciate you sharing your scenery and weather with us.

  5. Mary Z - the snow was gone the next day. It often lies on the Hoy Hills during the winter although Graemsay may be clear of snow.

    Anonymous - thanks for your comments. Yes Button is feeling right at home now - see my latest entry!

    Malc - have to say I love the cold crisp days but wish we didn't have to have the chill wind along with it! Don't envy you outside with the livestock in this weather!

    Walrus21 - Thanks! it's fun to share different aspects of the UK coast!