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Wednesday 26 November 2008

And then there was one.....

Poor Jasper got deported from Graemsay today! The Cat Protection people have placed him with his previous fosterer till they find him another home. I did feel guilty putting him into the cage and parting with him, but it's better for all concerned in the long run. He's a very pretty and affectionate cat so I'm sure he will soon find another home, and I wish him a long and happy life!

Button can't quite believe he isn't hiding around the corner ready to pounce on her. She has finally settled on the sofa in the sitting room this afternoon but with one wary eye open for the expected onslaught. No doubt it will take her a few days to get accustomed to her freedom.

While delivering Jasper this morning I took the opportunity to take a look at the Christmas Art Exhibitions at the Pier Arts Centre and the Waterfront Gallery. Both run regular exhibitions of work by local artists inspired by the Orkney landscpae. There were several in both galleries that I really liked. The exhibits included pictures (photographs, other work was in oils or using natural materials), ceramics and "installation" objects. Two pictures that particularly caught my eye were by Tim Wooton and were of birds in the landscape. He really captures the birds in their natural elements. Another local artist I like, Joan Holdsworth, uses sand and paint in glass to represent natural materials or images of the landscape. I have a piece of hers from the exhibition last year, it's of the Hoy Hills, with Graemsay in the foreground - but have yet to hang it on the wall! I need to make sure it's safely anchored and doesn't fall down!

I then had time to have breakfast in Julias Bistro before getting some more groceries and then heading back on the mid-day boat. The wind was already getting up by lunch-time. Some folk were shipping lambs to the mart today and at one point I thought they might make *me* go up the sheep-run onto the pier, but thankfully the boat moved round to the steps so I could get off with my shopping with ease - although the wind was quite strong up the pier and it took my breath away. Now I'm nice and snug indoors and yet another gale is raging outside - it's obviously going to be a loooong winter - sigh.


  1. Isn't Julia's bistro the place where I put money in the floppy disk slot? I can never go back to Stromness again. LOL.

  2. Yes Bev - I had tried to draw a veil over that incident locally in case I got barred from Julia's! It was so ironic that you of all people did that! Not quite as bad as the "international incident" you caused when we were in Paris though...... I seem to remember disowning you then too ;-)